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Platan - Micra
Platan - Micra Platan - Micra Platan - Micra
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Platan MICRA IP PBX Phone System is designed for small companies and offices employing from several to over twenty people. It is particularly suited for small company branches, police stations, tourist agencies or guest houses. MICRA Telephone System makes solutions reserved until now for large companies available for smaller businesses.


Trunk lines:
  • up to 12 analogue external (trunk) lines
  • up to 8 ISDN BRA (2B+D) universal ports (trunk lines and/or extensions)
  • up to 30 VoIP ports
  • up to 6 SIM cards (GSM)
  • up to 24 analogue extensions
  • up to 8 ISDN BRA (2B+D) universal ports (trunk lines and/or extensions)
  • up to 24 digital system ports (in place of analogue extensions)
  • up to 128 VoIP ports

Key features

  • Intelligent Call Distribution (ICD) composed of:
  •  - INFOLINES (system of 16-level voice menu)
  •  - possibility of call distribution to subscriber groups by the defi ned criteria: Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), distribution according to the selected subject or on the basis of the calling line identification presentation CLIP (ACD)
  • Integrated internal Voicemail
  • Integrated Platan VoIP card (option)
  • Integrated GSM card (option)
  • See Who’s Calling – calling line identification presentation (CLIP) displayed by digital, system and analogue phones as well as by the Platan CTI software
  • PRK® Phone Call Cost Reduction Programme – a system of restrictions, individual accounts and phone call cost
  • printouts, with virtual subscribers, the system of individual accounts and the ARS/LCR function (automatic selection of the less expensive route)
  • Integration with LAN and premise network
  • Compatibility with IP DECT phones
  • Remote and local control, software update and billing management
  • Case: standard (desk or wall mountable) or for installation in a 19” RACK
  • Compatibility with the Platan CTI software, possibility of call recording with a PCR (Platan Call Recorder) interface
  • Compatibility with hotel software and professional call recording systems

Micra IP PBX in RACK case

Micra IP PBX user manual