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Libra PBX Server is a new generation product, using VoIP technology, designed for medium-to- large enterprises. Independent units, connected by the optical fibre or networked by VoIP, provide security of work and freedom of connections - in any technology, with any phone set and operating system (Windows, Linux, MAC OS X).

Libra offers you more flexibility and it is even more user- and installer-friendly.
Libra STD PBX Server - NEW!
Now Libra PBX Server is avaiable also as Libra STD version - in casing to be mounted on the wall. Advantages of such solution:
  • two-coloured metal casing = screen against electromagnetic interference
  • no need to aquire ICT cabinet and have own server room = lower installation cost of the whole system
  • backup power supply hidden inside the server, silent operation = high installation aesthetics and lower costs
  • universality = the same cards and drivers as used in the RACK version
  • possibility of connecting up to four units with a fire-optic cable = expansion elasticity unprecedented so far in systems not mounted in RACK cabinets
  • networking Libra servers using VoIP in Platan Intelligent Networking = uniform telecommunication system supporting up to 600 users
  • full functionality known from Libra PBX Server RACK version


Libra STD PBX Server - casing to be mounted on the wall


In one Libra STD PBX Server unit you may use:
  • up to 64 analogue trunk (CO) lines
  • up to 120 trunk ISDN BRA (2B+D) lines
  • up to 8 ISDN PRA (30B+D)
  • up to 120 analogue extensions
  • up to 32 digital proprietary ports
  • up to 400 VoIP ports
  • up to 5 SIM cards (GSM).
Libra PBX Servers in STD version may be connected by fibre-optic cable thus creating bigger systems of up to 4 units. The maximum configuration is then the same as in the RACK version.
Libra PBX Server may comprise of one, two, three or four independent units. In every unit you have 15 universal slots at disposal, which globally permits you to use:
  • up to 64 analogue trunk (CO) lines
  • up to 128 trunk ISDN BRA (2B+D)
  • up to 8 PRA (30B+D)
  • up to 480 analogue extensions
  • up to 128 digital proprietary extensions
  • up to 400 VoIP ports
  • up to 16 SIM cards (GSM)



Platan Libra PBX Server
To adapt the system to your needs choose one of four drivers, each with different features and capabilities.
Call centre features
  • INFOLINES - 20-level voice menu system distributing the incoming calls with IVR (Interactive Voice Response), up to 1h recordings within 8 infolines - NEW!
  • up to 25 callers listening to one voice response - NEW!
  • embedded multichannel call recording on SD cards with Agent 002 application - NEW!
  • embedded 25-channel voicemail system (up to 25 simultaneous users) - NEW!
  • global phonebook with up to 3000 entries - NEW!
  • Intelligent Call Distribution:
  •  - Uniform Call Distribution (UCD),
  •  - distribution to the group according to the selected subject
  •  - distribution on the basis of the calling line identification presentation CLIP - Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) 
  •  - call forwarding to other extension, mobile phone or voicemail system when the user is busy, logged out or fails to answer
  • See Who's Calling - Calling Line Identification Presentation (CLIP) on all phones displays and in Platan CTI software

Cost Management Programme

  • Penny application -  individual and group billing - NEW!
  • Calls statistics in tables and graphs - NEW!
  • User Zone - your settings online, accessible via web browser - NEW!:
  •  - Call history
  •  - Ring Groups log in/out status
  •  - Active call forwarding to extensions and other external numbers
  •  - Voicemail status (active/inactive, number of new and all messages, message limit)
  •  - Quick and handy help
  • VEK (R) - VoIP Cost Eliminator:
  •  - Access to cheap Internet telephony without additional VoIP gateways or cards
  •  - Unique Call Through function - call from a mobile phone via VoIP. Libra recognizes the given mobile phone numbers and directs them to VoIP network
  • Integrated GSM - cheap calls from analogue phones to mobile phones
  • Up to 1000 individual accounts - NEW!
  • Restrictions on outgoing calls
  • Up to 1000 virtual extensions - NEW!
  • ARS/LCR - Least Cost Routing

IP networks integration

  • Embedded VoIP - up to 400 universal VoIP ports (IP EXT or IP GW) - NEW!:
  •  - VoIP protocol: SIP 2.0
  •  - codecs: G.711 uLaw, G.711 aLaw, G.726, G.729a (NEW),  GSM
  •  - logging in to 30 VoIP operators with up to 60 simultaneous calls
  • Platan Intelligent Networking (PIN) - NEW! offers:
  •  - possibility of networking up to five Libra servers
  •  - up to 600 users in uniform telecommunication system with coherent extension numbering
  •  - use of all 60 VoIP channels of Libra-VoIP 60 card to ensure the efficient communication among servers
  •  - simpler configuration and dialling simplicity - caller dials on any telephone any extension number within a system
  •  - Calling Line Identity Presentation (CLIP)
  •  - server connections "all to all" type or connection limitations like "all to one" or "one to all"
  •  - standard server functionality such as call forwarding, call transferring, Hunt Groups
  • Libra Web for remote management via web browser - NEW!
  • Working in different operating systems: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X thanks to the application based on Java environment - NEW!
  • Galvanic isolation of units - broadband optical communication - NEW!
  • Independent power back-up systems - NEW!
  • Unique crossover connections panels arranging the server's cabling - NEW!
  • Embedded, quick ethernet interface (LAN) - 10/100 Base-T - NEW!
  • Enhanced security thanks to different access levels and complex passwords - NEW!
  • Compatibility with Platan CTI software
  • Open PCTI software interface supporting other CTI systems or call centre software
  • Hotel interface (PlatanHotel.dll) supporting the hotel software
  • Local or remote management via ethernet network
  • Remote access via ISDN modem and LibraPC offline software - NEW!
  • Compatibility with IP DECT phones
  • RACK 19" casing

Libra PBX Server user manual - Freedom of connections