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Platan - Sigma
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Platan SIGMA IP PBX Phone System is designed for companies, hotels, schools and offices with from a dozen or so to several dozen users. This Phone System is a reliable solution, developed on the basis of our many years’ experiences.

Prizes and Awards

  • WPROST Telecommunications Certificate 2004
  • Gold Medal of the International Fair of Telecommunications Intertelecom 2004


Trunk lines:
  • up to 12 analogue CO (trunk) lines
  • up to 16 ISDN BRA (2B+D) universal ports (trunk lines and/or extensions)
  • up to 2 ISDN PRA (30B+D)
  • up to 30 VoIP ports
  • up to 6 SIM cards (GSM)
  • up to 44analogue extensions
  • up to 16 ISDN BRA (2B+D) universal ports (trunk lines and/or extensions)
  • up to 32 digital system ports (in place of analogue extensions)
  • up to 128 VoIP ports

Key features

  • Intelligent Call Distribution (ICD) composed of:
  •  - INFOLINES (system of 16-level voice menu)
  •  - possibility of call distribution to subscriber groups by the defined criteria: Uniform Call Distribution (UCD), distribution
  •  - according to the selected subject or on the basis of the calling line identification presentation CLIP (ACD)
  • Integrated internal Voicemail
  • Integrated Platan VoIP card (option)
  • Integrated GSM card (option)
  • See Who’s Calling – calling line identification presentation (CLIP) displayed by digital, system and analogue phones as well as by the Platan CTI software
  • PRK® Phone Call Cost Reduction Programme – a system of restrictions, individual accounts and phone call cost printouts, with virtual subscribers, the system of individual accounts and the ARS/LCR function (automatic selection of the less expensive route)
  • Integration with LAN and premise network
  • Compatibility with IP DECT system
  • Remote and local control, software update and billing management
  • Control of external devices via telephone and according to the schedule
  • Case: standard (wall mountable)
  • Compatibility with the Platan CTI software, call recording with a Telerec interface
  • Compatibility with hotel software, professional call recording and paging systems