Platan - Prima mini

Platan - Prima mini
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მოდელი: Platan - Prima mini
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Platan Prima mini IP PBX is a simpler version of Prima IP PBX, mainly without the VoIP functionality. It suits the needs of SOHO market, microbusinesses, small branches,  service outlets or shops. It is also recommended for use in single- or multi-family houses.

Prima mini will be perfect for those who require stable high-quality telecommunication services at the attractive price and do not look for advanced additional services. Prima mini is characterised by easy configuration and operation - ready to be used right after you unpack it.
Basic configuration:
  • 2 analogue external (CO) lines
  • 6 analogue extensions

Extend the basic configuration with:

  • 2 or 4 analogue extensions

Available configurations 2 external (CO) lines:

  • 6 extensions
  • 8 extensions
  • 10 extensions

Notice: you cannot upgrade Prima mini IP PBX to Prima IP PBX .

Key features

  • Plug & Talk  - device ready to be used right after you unpack it with the predefined producer's settings
  • Prima mini Web Configurator - phone system management and firmware update via web browser
  • See Who’s Calling – calling line identifi cation presentation (CLIP) displayed by the phones as well as by the Platan CTI software
  • Semi-automatic Direct Inward System Access (DISA)
  • Voice messages for DISA recorded by the user (max. 8 messages)
  • 4 poliphonic melodies available for DISA
  • Call registration with billing buffer
  • Compatibility with the Platan CTI software (additional phone's functions on the computer's display, support of handling the calls)
  • Call recording with a PCR (Platan Call Recorder) interface
  • Wall mountable case with modern design

Prima mini IP PBX user manual