Gigaset - DA100

Gigaset - DA100
Gigaset - DA100
მწარმოებელი: Gigaset
მოდელი: Gigaset - DA100
მისაწვდომი: საწყობშია
ფასი: $16,74
დღგ გარეშე: $14,19

Easy and reliable calling

Gigaset DA100

  • Designed in Germany
  • Up to 14 memory entries
  • Flash key with adjustable flash time
  • 4 direct keys, mute key, redial key
  • Tone / Pulse dialing
  • Adjustable ringtone volume, 3 melodies
  • Wall mountable
The solid and reliable corded phone
For easy, reliable calling, get the Gigaset DA100, a corded phone with a great German design. On it, conveniently store up to 14 memory entries via 4 direct keys and 10 speed dial keys. Benefit from the flash key with an adjustable flash time you can set to your needs. The 4 direct keys make it easy and quick to ring the numbers you call most. Using the redial key, call back the last number you dialled with the swift push of a button. Don’t want the caller to hear what’s happening on your end? Simply press mute. What’s more, the Gigaset DA100 is wall mountable – for optimal use of space in your home or office.
An easy phone that was designed in Germany, the Gigaset DA100 is a quality corded phone that offers reliable calling. 
Trusted German design 
Designed in Germany, the Gigaset DA100 is equipped with great basic features and has an ergonomic functional design – it’s truly a solid corded phone. 
Keys for simple calling 
Make dialling as easy as possible on this corded phone: use the 4 programmable direct keys or the 10 speed dial keys, for which you simply push the speed dial key plus the appropriate number key. Start by saving the contacts important to you. When it’s time to call, just lift up the receiver and press the button – you’ll be automatically connected. When on the phone, press the mute key to prevent the person on the line from hearing what you’re saying. Or choose the redial key to briskly call back the last number you phoned. 
Flash key 
The Gigaset DA100 is equipped with a flash key for your convenience. Even better, it boasts an adjustable flash time, so you can set it to meet your needs.
Easy to make space 
Every place benefits from a wall mountable telephone. Be it for personal use at home, or professional use in an office or factory, simply mount the Gigaset DA100 to the wall for added free space and more all-around comfort.
Reliable calling with more benefits
The reliable Gigaset DA100 offers you both tone and pulse dialling. It comes with 3 ringer melodies – all with adjustable volumes; simply select the one most pleasant to you. Moreover, you can rest assured with this easy phone with a German design: it comes with a 1-year warranty.
If you’re looking for a quality corded phone with easy, basic features, the Gigaset DA100 with reliable calling is the best phone for your home and office communication needs.
User guide (full version) RU (PDF)
Sound quality  
Hands-free talking | convenient hands-free | advanced hands-free - | - | -
Ringer melodies | polyphonic | real sounds I downloadable 3 | - | - | -
Individual ringer melodies for VIP entries -
Adjustable handset volume yes
Hearing aid compatibility yes
Convenience - phoning essentials  
Last dialed ... numbers 1
Automatic dialing of operator prefix -
Plug-and-play installation yes
Direct dialing keys 4
Proximity sensor -
Visual signal: incoming calls | lost calls - | -
Call blocking -
Display and menu features  
Display: numeric | alphanumeric | semigraphical | graphical - | - | - | -
Display: illuminated | colour | adjustable angle - | - | -
List of last … missed calls with time and date -
Time displayed -
Date displayed -
Call duration displayed -
…line, …digits, …segments - | - | -
Easy-to-use text-based menu | jumbo fonts | icon-based - | - | -
Display of caller’s number (CLIP) | picture (Picture CLIP) - | -
Keypad features  
Illuminated keypad -
Colour of illumination -
Message indicator key -
Recall key yes
Key lock -
Warranty 1 year
Wall mountable yes
Batteries -
Technical data  
Dimensions (H x W x D in mm) 70x182x209
Available colours Anthracite