Panasonic KX-TDE100

Panasonic KX-TDE100
მწარმოებელი: Panasonic
მოდელი: Panasonic - KX-TDE100
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ფასი: $1112,00
დღგ გარეშე: $942,37

The KX-TDE 100 are powerful and versatile communication systems that will easily adapt to any business, providing solutions that will improve the way your business communicates.

Converged Solutions: The KX-TDE100 converged architecture is extremely versatile, providing multiple options to meet the expansion needs of your growing business. To increase the system capacity, the free slot design allows you to add cards to accommodate additional extensions, COs, or you can also expand the system by adding licenses to activate the system’s built-in virtual IP ports.
Messaging Solutions: The KX-TDE100 is a truly integrated system, connecting your dispersed, off-location offices and employees, while giving you full access to the system’s incredibly rich and varied features. Your employees can use the latest in communication technology, and you can manage and maintain your network to your exact specifications.
Networking Solutions: Flexible networking solutions let you build your company’s office and employee structure for the 21st century: employees can telecommute and satellite offices can be brought under a single, easily managed network. The KX-TDE 100 lets you choose the communication medium that works best for your business, such as VoIP. For businesses with multiple locations, our systems can be networked together using advanced IP technology or ISDN.
Call Center Solutions: The system lets you achieve cost-effective call center management with built-in call center functions combined with monitoring and report functions. Your phone calls can be distributed and organized according to purpose and priority, making your call center more efficient while treating your customers right.
CTI Solutions: The system is compatible with two incredibly useful programs that will improve the way your business communicates. The Outlook USB plug-in lets you control your KX-TDE Converged IP PBX system through Microsoft Outlook®. The Panasonic Phone Assistant gives you highly desirable features such as presence, real-time view of all phone activities for managers and team leaders, wizards to help with most common telephony operations, and an intuitive web interface for easy TDE PBX configuration.
Here is an overview of some of the KX-TVA features:
  • Call Screening and Live Call Screening
  • Callback Number Entry
  • Caller ID (Callback, Name Announcement, Personal Greeting, DID Call Routing, Dial By Name)
  • Covering Extension
  • Intercom Paging
  • Timed Reminder Setting
  • Windows-Based Administration
Here is an overview of some of the IP Phone features: Speakerphone
  • 24 Programmable CO Keys with Dual Color LED
  • 6-Line Alphanumeric Backlit LCD Display
  • Large Message/Ringing Lamp (red/green)
  • Ethernet Port for PC
  • AC or Ethernet Powered
  • Headset Jack