Aastra 9120

Aastra 9120
Aastra 9120
მწარმოებელი: Aastra
მოდელი: Aastra 9120
მისაწვდომი: Pre-Order
ფასი: $155,23
დღგ გარეშე: $131,55

The surprisingly inexpensive two-line Model 9120 telephone offers a host of features and value not normally found in products in this price range.

Aastra 9120 - Features
  • Two line telephone with conference key – conference both lines for a meeting
  • Call Display with Visual Call Waiting – lets you see who’s calling before you answer*
  • Speakerphone with Mute
  • Headset Compatible
  • 7 programmable memory keys offer 14 autodial positions for quick access to features* or frequently called numbers
  • Three line adjustable backlit display – shows name, number and other helpful information
  • 100 name and number directory
  • 100 name and number Callers List
  • Multi-function indicator light
  • Compatible with Centrex, PBX or standard telephone service
Aastra 9120 - Overview
Two line telephones are a smart choice to enhance productivity in any business environment. A feature rich two line telephone at a surprisingly reasonable price is simply a smart solution. Introducing the Aastra 9120 telephone from Aastra Telecom. With a sleek, simple compact design and the features needed by small and medium enterprise operations, the Aastra 9120 offers value not always found in lower priced telephones.
For starters, the Aastra 9120 is equipped with conference ability to have two callers on the line at the same time. Getting two people on a call at the same time can quickly solve a problem or create a new plan. The three line backlit adjustable display works with Caller ID and Call Waiting Display to provide detailed caller information and tell you who is calling while you are on the line. More information is provided via the LED display which flashes to indicate message waiting, extension in use and incoming call. In addition, the display can be used to review the 100 name and number Directory, the 100 name and number Callers List and the 10 number redial list. When making or receiving calls, the Aastra 9120 provides the added flexibility of using the built in handsfree speakerphone or a headset. Useful options to free up your hands to take notes, check something on the computer or simply have a private conversation within a busy office.
For making fast and accurate calls, the Aastra 9120 features 14 autodial positions for saving frequently dialed numbers and a 10 number redial list. These positions can also be used to save telephone network feature access codes for ease of use. With on-hook dialing, you don’t even have to lift the handset to make the call. Compatible with most business systems, and offering many more valuable features, the Aastra 9120 is at home in almost any business environment. The Aastra 9120 - a smart solution for today's complex business environment.
Aastra 9120 - Specifications
  • Two line operation with conference key
  • Call Display with Visual Call Waiting*
  • Speakerphone with Mute
  • Headset compatible
  • 7 programmable memory keys
  • Three line adjustable backlit display
  • 100 name and number directory
  • 100 name and number Callers List
  • CLASS Message Waiting indicator*
  • Line in use indicator
  • Compatible with Centrex, PBX and standard telephone service
  • 10 number redial list
  • On hook dialing
  • English/French/Spanish prompts
  • Choice of four ring tones
  • Adjustable ringer, receiver and speakerphone volume
  • Call timer
  • Live dial pad option
  • Area code stripping
  • Secure number option
  • Provides basic telephone service in the event of a power failure
  • Desk or wall mount
  • Hearing aid compatible
  • One-year warranty
  • Dial: Tone
  • Power: 9 V DC transformer
  • Weight: 1.1 kg
  • Dimensions: 19.1 cm L x 19.1 cm W x 8.9 cm H
  • Colors available: Charcoal
* Functionality of some features assumes availability and customer subscription to service provider offerings.