Aastra 9116LP

Aastra 9116LP
Aastra 9116LP
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მოდელი: Aastra 9116LP
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ფასი: $109,56
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The Aastra 9116LP from Aastra is a fully featured Enterprise-grade telephone offering a wide array of the most sought after features in a rugged day to- day office telephone. Based on our popular 9116 model, the Aastra 9116LP incorporates PBX line power, improved user interfaces and a number of other feature enhancements that can add value and flexibility to any office environment at a price that may surprise you. 

With a three line adjustable display, the Aastra 9116LP is fully compatible with Call Display and Visual Call Waiting offering prompts in English, French and Spanish. Additional information is provided by the LED indicator which flashes for message waiting, new call indication, incoming call, extension in use, feature activation and hold. Call management features include an 80 name/number callers list and 20 name/number directory. With speakerphone and 15 autodial positions, the Aastra 9116LP offers flawless performance in any environment. Part of our Value family of analog telephones, the Aastra 9116LP is ideally suited for almost any business application from small/home offices to large Enterprise environments.
Key Features and Benefits:
Aastra 9116LP - Flexible Deployment Capability
The Aastra 9116LP can be deployed in a wide variety of business environments. Whether using standard PSTN service, Centrex or PBX, the Aastra 9116LP reliably delivers flawless performance. With a choice of powering via the PBX line or with the included DC power supply, it can be used in most business settings and will support all
common CLASS and Voltage Message Waiting indication protocols. And, with a fail to POTS feature, the Aastra 9116LP will continue to provide basic telephone service in the event of a power failure.
Aastra 9116LP - More Caller Information
The three line adjustable display with contrast control supports Caller ID and Call Waiting Display to provide more information on incoming callers. The bright, well-positioned LED is also used to provide a variety of information from message waiting indication to extension in use. These features enhance productivity by quickly providing “at a glance” information to the user.
Aastra 9116LP - Enhanced Call Management
The Aastra 9116LP offers storage capacity for Callers List, Personal Directory and Last Number Redial as well as 15 “one touch” autodial positions employing 8 memory keys to facilitate easy of use. On hook dialing using the built-in speakerphone provides additional calling options and the speakerphone can be disabled for office designs not suitable for speakerphones. Predefined hard keys for functions such as Dial, Redial, Hold, Flash and Goodbye allow for efficient call handling in any environment.
Feature Highlights:
  • Call Display with Visual Call Waiting
  • PBX Line or DC Powered
  • Speakerphone with Mute
  • 8 programmable memory keys
  • Three line adjustable display with Contrast control
  • Callers List
  • 20-name and number scroll style Directory
  • On-hook dialing
  • Compatible with Centrex, PBX or standard telephone service
  • CLASS/Voltage Message Waiting indicator
  • Programmable Feature On and Off keys with indication
Feature Enhancement Highlights: 
  • Improved User Interface
  • PBX Line Powered
  • Speakerphone with mute and disable capability
  • On and Off Call Waiting ID
  • Pre-Dialing
  • Programmable Feature On and Off keys with indication
  • Visual Message Waiting for 90 volt and Avaya systems (24V)
Aastra 9116LP - Specifications
Aastra 9116LP  - Physical
  • 19.1cm W x 19.1cm D x 8.9cm H
  • 1.1 kg
  • Color: Charcoal
  • Wall Mountable
  • Foot stand included
Aastra 9116LP  - Power
  • PBX Line – on hook PBX basic requirements – Minimum Voltage: 22VDC, Maximum Current: 4mA
  • DC wall adaptor included
Aastra 9116LP  - Audio
  • Hearing aid compatible (HAC) handset
  • Speakerphone with mute and disable capability
Aastra 9116LP  - Display and Indicator
  • 3 line adjustable LCD display Contrast control. Displays incoming name/ number, call waiting, call timer and clock
  • CLASS and Voltage Message Waiting LED indicator. Switchable to support Visual Message Waiting for 11  volt, 90 volt and Avaya systems (24V) and to turn feature off
Aastra 9116LP  - Feature Keys
  • 4 navigational keys
  • 8 programmable keys, supporting up to 15 autodial postitions
  • 13 predefined hard keys: Hold, Goodbye, Options, Callers, Dial – supports Predial feature, Redial, Save, Flash, Directory, Speakerphone/Mute, Delete, Shift, Volume control
Aastra 9116LP  - Localization
  • Multi-lingual display prompts – English, French, Spanish
Aastra 9116LP  - Package Contents
  • Doc Kit, English and French User guides, English and French Directory/, Memory Card, Directory/Memory, Card LENS, Number Card LENS
  • Feature Key Plate French
  • Handset and coil cord
  • Footstand
  • DC wall adapter
  • Line Cord, 4 Pos 2 Cond, Charcoal
  • Line Cord 7 inch Charcoal
Aastra 9116LP  - Part Numbers
  • A1265-0000-10-05 - 9116LP Generic Char E/F
  • D0023-0018-00-00 – 9V DC Power Adapter
Aastra 9116LP  - EMC
  • FCC Part 15 (CFR 47) Class B
  • ICES-003 Class B
Aastra 9116LP  - Safety
  • CSA-C22.2 No. 60950
  • Ul 60950
Aastra 9116LP  - Telecom
  • FCC Part 68 (Hearing Aid Compatibility)