Aastra 620d

Aastra 620d
Aastra 620d
მწარმოებელი: Aastra
მოდელი: Aastra 620d
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ფასი: $418,96
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Aastra 620d - Features

  • IIlluminated keypad
  • Different ring tones for: Internal and External calls, Messages, Alarm call, Emergency call
  • Key lock
  • 3 Soft keys for menu control, two of which are programmable
  • Configurable LCD backlight time
  • Adjustable LCD Brightness with dimming functionality
  • Illumination time for display and keypad can be adjusted separately
  • Telephone lock with 4-digit PIN
  • Supported languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Russian
Aastra 620d - Overview
Seamless and Secure Mobility
DECT technology offers reliable, resilient, high quality, secure voice access throughout a building or across a Corporate network with full roaming support. Handsets act as normal company extensions, allowing staff to be reached in both headquarters and branch office locations. Employing advanced authentication/encryption technology, DECT is constantly monitoring transmissions and will automatically adjust channels to avoid possible interference.
Feature Rich Handsets
Aastra’s family of 600d DECT handsets are elegant, yet robust and powerful tools for business communications on the go. With a stylish and modern design, this family benefits from a wealth of features that increase flexibility and efficiency for those not tied to a desk. The family features large backlit displays, multiple programmable keys for feature access, illuminated keypad, a variety of informational status displays, SOS key for an emergency speed dial number, caller/directory, redial lists and hands free operation. The Aastra 610d is an entry-level DECT handset that provides all of the key call management features and functionalities required by today’s professionals. With a dustproof design, the phone is ideal for those working in environments such as warehouses or industrial workshops, in addition to any enterprise or office space.
Scalability and Resiliency
The Aastra SIP-DECT system, using DECT 142 or 600d handsets and RFP 32 IP DECT access points, can grow as your business expands. By simply adding additional handsets and access points, the Aastra SIP-DECT solution can easily expand to meet changing business requirements. Up to 512 handsets can be deployed using up to 256 IP access points. Backup resiliency can be configured into any system deploying two or more IP access points to ensure reliability.
Simple Deployment
Aastra’s SIP-DECT solution can be easily deployed in most open-standard IP environments including; Hosted or Premised based using a SIP based IP-PBX, Hybrid PBX or Open Source PBX. The solution requires limited engineering planning and is managed by OpenMobility Manager (OMM) software and provisioned on the SIP based infrastructure as simple SIP Extensions. OMM is installed and runs on one of the access points, with a secondary access point configured as a backup for resiliency. DECTNet Monitor software provides additional diagnostic and monitoring capability to ensure optimum performance of the SIP-DECT solution. Businesses will benefit from the automatic Over-the-Air Firmware upgrade feature available with the 600d series which reduces maintenance costs and eliminates the need for IT staff to manually update handsets with the latest firmware.
Technical Data
  • Standards: DECT, GAP
  • Ingress protection: IP 50
  • Supports DECT-encryption
  • Standard Battery (SB): Lithium-Ion battery pack, 850 mAh
  • Power Battery (PB): Lithium-Ion battery pack, 1800 mAh
  • Stand-by-time
  • SB: Up to 100 h EMEA / 95 h USPB: Up to 200 h EMEA / 190 h US
  • Talk timeSB: Up to 12 h EMEA / 15 h USPB: Up to 24 h EMEA / 30 h US
  • Moisture protected foil key pad
  • Dimensions: length / width / depth135 x 53 x 22.5 mm (5.3”x 2”x 0.8”)
  • Weight with Standard batteries: 120 g (3.82 oz)
  • International AC-adapter with multiple prongs (NA, EU, UK, AUS)
  • Compatible with commercial USB chargers
Administration Features
  • Automatic firmware update via air interface*
  • Integrated diagnostic functions
Part Numbers
  • A0000-68850015- 620d Handset with belt clip, battery, cradle, international, AC-adapter and quick user guide
* Feature availability dependant on the IP Telephony System